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"We need more women frame builders!" said Natalie Ramsland, a framebuilder in Portland, Oregon.  

"Yes, we do", I said and here I am building up a business creating a unique product for a market not served well in my opinion.  I have the experience and passion to change this.  If you're looking for a lightweight, low geared step-through bike that's comfortable and feels great to ride, you've just found the framebuilder to built it!

My Mission:  To keep people cycling - especially those whose enthusiasm to cycle has been affected by a reduced range of movement.

My Vision: To deliver a made-to-measure handbuilt lightweight bicycle that suits the rider physically with thought given to where it will be ridden and the purpose for riding.  I design around the step-through principle or the traditional diamond form.  I also consider easy maintenance and practical accessories to make your Beaumont Bicycle a pleasure to own.  

My Values:  My experience from working as bicycle mechanic and an occupational therapist over the last 30 years has given me a unique skill set.  I understand how an improved sense of well being comes from matching fit, form, function with a consideration for our environment and how things are made.

Elizabeth Beaumont Colebrook BA BSc 



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Enjoy this short film expertly created by Jonathan Keeley who also built this website - thanks Jonny.

This elegant step-through won a prize in the 'Outstanding Design' category at this year's Bespoked handbuilt bicycle show in Bristol. Photo: Ben Broomfield.

Actually stepping through the frame requires foot room and consideration for the rider's hip flexion.  The frame tubing must be strong enough to counter the 'folding moment' and provide enough torsional stability to minimise lateral twisting.  I've mixed Reynolds 853 and 631.  The eccentric bottom bracket enables seat tube offset to enhance stability and give even more 'foot room'.  The green prototype design shows that the artistic 'pierced' tube isn't necessary but it looks intriguing.  The head badge is my own design and represents a beautiful mountain - Beaumont (my middle name). 

B&M front light powered by a SP dynohub features a capacitor that keeps the light shining even when stationary.

B&M front light powered by a SP dynohub features a capacitor that keeps the light shining even when stationary.

Hub gears are concealed from the elements. Chain glider keeps clothes clean. Disc brakes can extend wheel life and offer great braking whatever the weather!

Hub gears are concealed from the elements. Chain glider keeps clothes clean. Disc brakes can extend wheel life and offer great braking whatever the weather!

What I offer...

My workshop is based in an area of outstanding natural beauty - South Shropshire.  I have worked with people who ride bicycles all my life and experience has shown me that all decisions regarding 'fit' and 'kit' come from understanding the person, the activity and the's not just about the bike.  I always discuss your options and explain my reasoning. 

Choose from:

a handbuilt made-to-measure bicycle frame from £999 (Reynolds 631)


Bike fitting From £45 - Spend an hour establishing what adjustments are needed for the most appropriate riding position.


Wheel building - labour £90 for a pair. A widely agreed way to Augment your ride - then ponder on a new frame!


Servicing from £45 (Ask me about my Toolbox scheme)


Teaching bike maintenance - £200 for a 9.30am-4.30pm hands-on teaching session (one to one or a group up to 8)


I have the hard-earned skills to fit, design, build, repair and teach...

The Beaumont Audax

"42/28 chainset by Middleburn - they call it a double incy - I call it jewellery".

Louise with her new Beaumont Audax   
"Lou needed a handlebar with a shallower drop and a shorter reach plus lower gearing for our Shropshire terrain.  Using 725 and the Columbus Hiver fork, I have built a classically lugged fast tourer as well as pair of super strong wheels using DT rims and spokes."  

"The Tubus luggage rack and Portland Design Works mudguards complement the look perfectly."

" I wanted Lou to feel really comfy but still sense the excitement from her triathlon days."

Tess's Beaumont 853

A new build on the horizon for a lifelong rider who knows exactly what she wants to ride.


H Plus Son Archetype rims with 140 discs

Keep your wheels light and precisely tensioned and you will notice the difference. Choose a folding tyre for extra performance.

Bernie's 'Poetry in Motion' Beaumont Rohloff 

Bernie's 'Poetry in Motion'. Poem written by Bernie Cullen to honour all the years she has devoted and still devotes to getting people cycling. Photos by Ben Broomfield.

And so the poem continues...

Woodguards made in Cherry by the talented Simon at in Scotland. Beautiful stainless fittings and ivory coloured underside.

Brian's 853 Pro for easy rides when the weather's dry

Bespoked 2016.

Janne's 'Urban and Beyond' Beaumont 631 

Sram NX 1x11 with 32 tooth front chainring and 11-42 cassette at the rear. All the gears most commonly used. Lightweight and straightforward. 

The Abus ‘Bordo Centium’ urban lock with its 24/7 key on duty in Hamburg.

Anne's 853 Shropshire Special

Photo taken just before Anne arrived with her pedals to collect her new stead.  A few technical points: Anne has some arthritis in her hands so there is some Fizik gel under her Fizik bar tape.  Nice short and shallow bar from Veloduo and excellent value chainset from Spa Cycles of Harrogate (165mm 42/26).  Flinger mudguard with 4mm stays so no shimmy on descents as the hills round here are very enjoyable. Brake levers set up for light action and super reliable stopping power from Avid 140mm rear and 160mm front. Bird cage and bell from Portland Design Works, Oregon. And thank you Jonny Keeley for focusing in with the latest lens and your ever creative eye.

Anne is just over 5 foot and has spent the last 40 years making do with what's out there 'off the peg'.  She now has a bicycle made to measure and I am delighted to say she could feel the difference immediately.  What a fantastic moment and thank you to Anne's husband Glynn for his passionate belief that Anne would love it.  

Karen's 853 Winter Tourer

Karen rides with Team Glow, a network of women cyclists based in and around Greater Manchester.  I visited their website and instantly felt welcomed.  The group encourages women to get the most from their cycling through mutual support and a 'hey, let's do it' attitude.  Have a look at their Meetup page for upcoming events.  I'm thrilled Karen will be out riding her Beaumont in style and having fun with such great company. 

Reynolds 853 tubing for lightness, strength and resilience.  160mm/140mm TRP Spyre mechanical discs and a pair of my handbuilt wheels using DT's asymmetric rear rim for extra strength under load.  

Look closely and you'll see a small device above the rear mech made by JTek.  This enables Karen to use her 11 speed Ultegra road levers together with a Deore XT 11 speed rear mech.  The benefit?  Comfortable handlebar position for longer rides and gears for any occasion. 

Bike well and truly tested today - rain, wind and deep water on flooded roads! Love the ride. Very smooth, gear changes easy, brakes good.....Thank you again. She has been admired by all.

The Tito d'Italia

Tito has Parkinson's and finds it difficult to walk BUT when astride a bicycle and he can just pedal off into the distance. Cycling overrides the stutter you see in someone with this condition. Riding a bicycle sets him free albeit temporarily but it is a delicious release nonetheless. 

Easy to get on and off, the 'Tito d'Italia' as my Italian born customer has named his bike (in Giro d'Italia pink) features the Jones bar for varied hand positions, 8 nice 'n' low gears, a luggage rack and front hub dynamo lighting system. 

A step-through that rides like a diamond frame

The Flying Gate Story

This iconic British frame design dates back to the 1930s.  Due to changing markets and the increase in mass bicycle manufacturing post WW2, the handbuilt bicycle took a back seat as thousands of people bought off-the-peg bicycles.  In the late 1970s, Trevor Jarvis of T.J. Cycles acquired the exclusive patent for this design from its original owners and successfully relaunched the 'Flying Gate'.  He has built nye on 600 frames to date and created a following of dedicated riders across the world.  Read more...

I built this frame using Reynolds 853 and the customer supplied the groupset.  After its first 40 miles, the customer reported back that he's absolutely delighted saying 'it fits like a glove'. 

I first encountered this remarkable frame design when I was 20, walking past my local cake shop in Leeds.  There against the window was a Flying Gate. I went in and asked the most likely looking cyclist to tell me all about it. With great enthusiasm the young man forsook his place in the queue and regaled me with the marque’s history and the frame building brilliance of Trevor Jarvis.  Years passed and this chance meeting became a great friendship. Last year, I finally met Trevor Jarvis.  Having owned a 'Flying Gate' and demonstrating my passionate depth of knowledge on this classic short wheelbase design, I was delighted that Trevor asked me to start building for him alongside my own framebuilding business.   



If you own a Flying Gate, you will make friends wherever you ride.

My own Flying Gate

My own Flying Gate, built in 2015. Finish by Argos Cycles, Bristol. Photographs by Jonny Keeley.

Michael's Classic Triathlon 853

I am extremely proud to announce that Michael has clocked up some personal bests at various high level Triathlon events over in Finland. Congratulations and long may it continue. 

William's 853 Flying Gate Diana - to be unveiled at Bespoked in April 2017




I live and work in South Shropshire.  I've cycled across Europe, studied at Leeds and Sheffield universities and worked for many years with thriving bicycle emporiums in Manchester, Berlin, Hamburg and Ludlow.  

I've also worked as an Occupational Therapist, which has given me additional insight into the ergonomics of bike-fitting.  I've been building wheels for over 25 years and I'm delighted to be designing and building made-to-measure steel bicycle frames for my valued customers.

Any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you.  

Liz Colebrook.

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