Outstanding Design Award

I was delighted to receive an award in this category - chuffed indeed as both my designs on show involved a great deal of thought and consideration. Interesting back stories - one for a chap in his late 70s with issues regarding his heart, lower back and knee but that's not why he came to me - he wanted me to build him a beautifully light bike with chrome lugs and a sloping top tube that would take his brand new 1" Chris King threaded headset....aha I thought, I'll need a set of Manorina lugs from my new best friend Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch.  

The bell miner bird  Manorina-melanophrys

The bell miner bird Manorina-melanophrys

The other unusual decision I took was say yes to my customer designing his own graphics. I arranged for his wishes to be transformed into a set of decals that met with my approval.  Hence 'Eliz. Colebrook' rather than 'Beaumont'. Result - one very happy customer.

My other build on display was built for a poet in residence at an Arboretum. She was given a Rohloff back in the eighties and always wanted to have a frame built around it so off it went to Germany under my instruction for a full refurb.  In terms of design, low gears were essential but crucially the rider's stature suggested a step-through with substance as she'll be carrying poetry books as well as groceries.  

Thanks to Ben Broomfield for these fine studio shots.




This was my first time exhibiting as Beaumont Bicycle, but I had something else to announce...

Trevor Jarvis, custodian of the iconic 'Flying Gate' joined me on Saturday and Sunday.  I am hugely honoured to build for Trevor along with Jeremy Cartright.  We had a frame on display giving Trevor ample opportunity for banta.  Jeremy brought his family along and his 1 year old was very taken by my business cards just at the right height for her.  I think she gave them all out. 

My first Flying Gate build on display at Bespoked.

If you'd like to know more about ordering a handbuilt Flying Gate get in touch with Trevor directly trevor@tjcycles.co.uk www.tjcycles.co.uk and if you'd like one of my frames, I'd love to hear from you... liz@beaumontbicycle.co.uk

And finally, thanks to everyone who came and visited my stand - it was great to receive so much interest and hear your positive comments